EZLyrics is an application which will help you find lyrics and well as save them offline for later.


EZLyrics is an lightweight Android app for music lovers.

Story behind it

This project started as a practice app which I was developing when I started exploring Ionic framework. What I wanted was a simple app where I can search for lyrics of songs and save them so that I can view them even in offline mode.

The first version of this was a very basic prototype and I was okay with it as I didn't publish it anywhere, but then I showed the app to my friend and he suggested me some great UI changes that could improve the UX much better, at end he just casually added that "why not publish it to playstore".

That's when I stopped thinking about EZLyrics as a practice app and started building it more seriously, the old code was total garbage, so I rewrote almost 80% of the code, organized it better, optimized the existing code and logics and later added a caching system to improve the performance and released the version 2.0.0 on playstore 🎉

What is it used for?

Well as the name suggest it helps you to quickly search for lyrics of any song. Also you can add lyrics to your favourites list which means now you can read them in offline mode. Also you can quickly share the lyrics with your friends using different social network apps with just one click.

Any Milestones?

The first few users mostly friends and friends of friends who downloaded the app and left a review on playstore, but later I started noticing installs from other countries and lots of unknown people leaving reviews on playstore, some even cared to drop a mail and just sharing their feedback. I really enjoyed those moments when an app, even if its as small as this, is loved by others and are using them on regular basis.

Right now EZLyrics has more than 1000 downloads and around 120+ active users.

Up until recently on 9th July 2020, Simon from Ionic Academy gave a very insightful review about EZLyrics on his youtube channel and its really appreciated to get your app reviwed by someone from whom you have learned so much.

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