A little more about me

First things first, my name is Akash Rajpurohit and I am a full stack developer, completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Vidyavardhini's College Of Engineering and Technology.

I'm a full-stack developer with more than 3 years of experience working on websites and single page web apps. My go-to programming language is JavaScript. When it comes to programming I enjoy the challenging stuff and always try to find the right solution for a problem.

I have also published a few android applications on Google Playstore which you can find and try it out here.

Apart from this, in early 2018 I started with a Youtube channel for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related videos, you can find the channel here

Scroll down to see more about my history, or what I like to do in my free time!

A look back into my history

Teacher πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

After I completed junior college, I had quite a lot of free time, like about 3 months. So I wanted to make the best out of this time but couldn't decide as to what should I do. Now a little secret about me is that I had Stage fright and it was worse πŸ˜…. But somewhere I knew that I have to get rid of it and the best way to get rid of any fear is to overcome it.

So that's when I decided that I will start teaching part-time during the vacation. Obviously, It was a nightmare for me for a couple of days or I would say a week maybe. But after that I started feeling confident in standing in front of my students and being able to teach and share the knowledge in an interesting way that would keep the student's attention towards the subject.

I mostly used to teach Mathematics (Algebra + Geometry) and Science. Deciding to be a teacher was one of the best decisions I took 😁

Youtuber πŸ“Ί

After I started my journey pursuing Bachelor of Engineering, I had to stop my part-time teaching job ☹️. The main reason was the time. Since most of my day i.e from 9 A.M to 5 P.M I was in college, so taking lectures after that was not possible as I had to travel by train to reach the classes where I used to teach. So sadly, I left my teaching career there...Or did I?

If timing was the issue then why not record the video and then people can watch it at any time they want 🀯. That is when I thought of starting a Youtube channel. I had already started learning web development which is my niche topic where I am working, So I thought of sharing that information on my Youtube Channel TheITGuy

Being a self-taught developer, I have learned everything from the people on the Internet and I truly appreciate all those articles, blogs, documentation that other developers have created and shared their knowledge with others. This is my attempt of giving back to the amazing community of developers.

My coding hobbies

Freelancer 🀝

So I started freelancing around 2019. The first project I did was a mobile application for a friend using Ionic Framework. After which I was confident to build projects for other people so I started working as a part-time freelancer and Independent Contractor.

This part of my journey has really been amazing. Obviously, I became financially independent but the best part about freelancing was that I was able to learn so many things and improve myself both as a developer as well as understanding business and user perspective part of any project. All this knowledge and experience have helped me to improve the quality of the next project I work on.

At present I have 5 national and 4 international clients. If you are looking for someone to build you a web/mobile/desktop application then you can drop me a mail it [email protected]😎

Blogger πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

This is version 2 of my portfolio website. The version 1 can be found here. That was a simple HTML website just for demonstrating my work and building an online portfolio. I wanted to build a new one using React or some other framework but never really got the time. Last Diwali in 2019, during the mini-vacation from college, I finally stopped the procastination and started to build a new portfolio site. Since I was going to use some modern technology, I started looking into Gatsby✨ and I was really excited to build something with it. I wanted to start blogging + revamp my old site and gatsby was the perfect choice

Lately I kind of stopped posting videos on my youtube channel as it would take me a long time to create a single video, which is why I started blogging, because as of now I am too much concentrated into complete my degree and get started with job, So whenever I get time, I try to write a blog which eventually takes less time than creating videos and still very effective platform to share knowledge and help others.

If you like the content that I post then you can shoot me a message on any of the social media platforms I have mentioned in the footer. πŸ’–

When I go offline...

Anime Watching πŸ“½οΈ

So I am a big fan of anime. I do like to watch web series as well but anime is πŸ’–. I used to watch a lot back then, like before engineering started but since after that I don't get a lot of time for just binging episode after episode.

The lastest anime which has become my favorite one would be Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Actually right now while writing this, I am listening to the opening song of Demon Slayer πŸ˜†. Other than that some animes which I have recently watched are My Hero Academia: Boku no HΔ«rō Akademia, Hunter Γ— Hunter: Hantā Hantā, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan: Shingeki no Kyojin etc. Please note that I am writing this in March 2020, So if you are reading it after 2-3 years later then this list might change πŸ˜….

One thing that would never change is my all-time favorite anime which is.... Naruto😎. Naruto has taught me so many things that I could dedicate an entire web page to writing about it. But don't worry, I'm not going to do that 🀣

PS: If you have any anime suggestions then do let me know about them πŸ€—

Learning Piano 🎹

Since way back when I wanted to learn piano/keyboard and I did start learning but again for the same reasons as above, I stopped actively learning it. I said actively because even though I was not practicing, once in a while I used to watch videos and try to learn whenever I used to get the time and the right mood.

Simply said, I was more focused on the career side during my academic time and because of which I kind of left my personal hobbies on the side. I don't regret this because I was focused on something which was really important and also enjoyable for me which is programming.

But now I feel that I can start with my piano passion again and definitely not giving up on it now or ever.πŸ’–

Would you like to know more about my professional experience?

Have a look at my resume page