I am Akash Rajpurohit, a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer. I like to make digital experiences easier and simpler for people.

Short Introduction 🚶

Hey there! Let me introduce myself again, my name is Akash Rajpurohit, and I am a Full-Stack JavaScript developer. I have over 3 years of experience developing websites and web applications. I enjoy working on both Front-end and Back-end, but I work mostly on Back-end part of apps. My go to library on Front-end is React, and NodeJS on Back-end.

If you are looking to hire someone with my skills then you can drop me a mail at [email protected]

If you'd like, you can read more about me here, or scroll to see my development backpack (in other words the technologies I use daily).

My Development Backpack


  • JavaScript
    My go to programming language pretty much for everything. Be it the front-end, backend, or a CLI tool.
  • TypeScript
    I use TypeScript whenever I can, it has a great complier and type safety is the way to go!
  • Python
    I also like playing with Python for side projects and keen to use this knowledge to learn ML and AI.
  • HTML5
    Mostly writing HTML in JSX, but from time to time I find myself writing a plain, classic HTML file.
  • CSS3
    Styling of html elements; I usually go for styled-components or Sass or Less.
  • Dart
    The language from Google which I choose to build mobile applications.

Libraries & Frameworks

  • NodeJs
    My go to framework of JavaScript when it comes in building any back-end project.
  • ReactJs
    My favourite library for building web front-ends and single page apps. I've been working with Angular before, but after trying React, I wouldn't go back.
  • Angular
    Altough React is my go to library, I also have experience building scalable web applications with Angular.
  • GatsbyJs
    Great framework for building blazing fast websites. By the way, this website is using Gatsby under the hood!
  • NextJs
    The Full Stack React framework I use when I want features like hybrid static & SSR, automatic code splitting, api routes with serverless framework and much more.
  • Flutter
    Playing around with Flutter framework to develop beautiful cross platform mobile applications.
  • GraphQL
    Learning and implementing GraphQL API's for query processing with Apollo Server and Express.

Tools & Others

  • Docker
    I try to dockerize applications whenever possible.
  • Github
    Place where you can find my OSS projects.
  • MongoDB
    When I need a NoSQL database, or just quickly prototyping.
  • PostgreSQL
    When I need relational database.
  • Redis
    The key value database I go for when I want to implement caching, rate limiting, message queues etc.
  • Linux
    My favourite Operating System.
  • AWS
    Where I host most of my client projects.

Have any questions?

Drop me a mail at:[email protected]