Save history of all information you copy and use them whenever with a solitary snap.

📋 Clipper

A desktop application to save your clipboard as you copy in a backlog history and use them whenever with a solitary snap.

Its quite simple to use. Just start the application and copy any text on any window on your system, let the be on any webpage or any other application. Clipper will catch those clipboard history and save them for your later use.

Simply click on the text from your list to copy that text on your clipboard.

🙌 Features

  • Save history of any text copied on the system clipboard.
  • Click on the any text from history to write it to the system clipboard.
  • Clear a single text
  • Trash all copied text at once
  • Limit on storage
  • Audio for events
    • When text gets copied
    • Any error triggered like storage limit exceeded
    • Clearing storage
  • Settings Tab
    • Enable/Disable Sound
    • Enable/Disable Clipboard Copying (Just in case you want to copy everything all the time)

📥 Download

Clipper is available for Windows & Linux and can be downloaded from Github releases.

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